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    The Switching Function

    Analysis of power electronic circuits  
    C.C. Marouchos  2006

    This book demonstrates the usefulness of the switching function in analysing power electronic circuits in the steady state. It includes analysis of generic circuits of power electronics using the switching function, and derives compact expressions for output voltage and current and input current.

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    Switched Currents

    An analogue technique for digital technology  
    C. Toumazou, J.B. Hughes, N.C. Battersby  1993

    This book introduces the basic switched-current technique and presents practical chip examples. Numerous application areas are described, ranging from filters and data converters to image processing applications.

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    Next generation electronics  
    Bashir M. Al-Hashimi  2006

    This book highlights both the key achievements of electronic systems design targeting SoC implementation style, and the future challenges presented by the continuing scaling of CMOS technology.

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    VLSI Testing

    Digital and mixed analogue/digital techniques  
    Stanley L. Hurst  1998

    A comprehensive introduction and reference for all aspects of IC testing, this book includes all of the basic concepts and theories necessary for advanced students, from practical test strategies and industrial practice, to the economic and managerial aspects of testing.