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    Energy Systems for Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

    K.T. Chau  2016

    Electric and hybrid vehicles have been globally identified to be the most environmental friendly road transportation. Energy Systems for Electric and Hybrid Vehicles provides comprehensive coverage of the three main energy system technologies of these vehicles - energy sources, battery charging and vehicle-to-grid systems.

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    Evaluation of Intelligent Road Transport Systems

    Methods and results  
    Meng Lu  2016

    This book provides an overview of ICT-based intelligent road transport systems with an emphasis on evaluation methods and recent evaluation results of ITS development and deployment.

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    Low Carbon Mobility for Future Cities

    Principles and applications  
    Hussein Dia  2017

    This book brings together leading experts in the areas of urban planning, transport planning and strategy, traffic management and transport technology to present a cohesive work on the policy principles and practical applications to drive urban mobility services in tomorrow's smart cities.

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    Road Pricing

    Technologies, economics and acceptability  
    John Walker  2018

    Road pricing is increasingly being implemented around the world to combat congestion, curb carbon and other polluting emissions, compensate for falling revenues from fuel duty, improve the efficiency of the existing transport infrastructure, and fund new transport projects. This book outlines some of the economic theory behind these schemes.

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    Sliding Mode Control of Vehicle Dynamics

    Antonella Ferrara  2017

    The control of the longitudinal, lateral and vertical dynamics of two and four-wheeled vehicles, both of conventional type as well as fully-electric, is important not only for general safety of vehicular traffic in general, but also for future automated driving. This book provides an overview of this important topic.