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    Telecommunications Traffic, Tariffs and Costs

    An Introduction for Managers  
    R.E. Farr  1988

    This book is suitable for those who wish to gain a comprehensive overview of the area, this book offers guidance on planning, ordering, managing and using telecommunications facilities.

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    The Current Comparator

    W.J.M. Moore, P.N. Miljanic  1988

    This book presents the basic theory of the current comparator, methods of construction leading to high ratio accuracies and the operating principles of the various applications.

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    Variable Frequency AC Motor Drive System

    David Finney  1988

    This book is intended to explain the technical principles involved in the many AC variable speed drive systems available today. It deals with all the DC link inverter and direct AC to AC converter systems that are in commercial use.

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    Insulators for High Voltages

    J.S.T. Looms  1988

    This book is a guide to the whole field of high voltage insulators as used in electrical power networks, traction and production.

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    Industrial Digital Control Systems, 2nd Edition

    K. Warwick, D. Rees  1988

    This book provides an introduction to the techniques employed in the design and implementation of digital control systems. Most chapters include numerous worked examples and details of particular applications in order to enhance the theory introduced.

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    Implementation of Self-tuning Controllers

    K. Warwick  1988

    This book is suitable for those wishing to gain the flavour of adaptive control, although those already familiar with selftuning techniques will find the problem solutions discussed to be most attractive.